Gaming chairs - A Closer Look

Gaming chairs - A Closer Look

As an avid gamer myself, my answer to the question: 'Are gaming chairs worth it?' is answered with a resounding 'YES'. Yes, I may be a little bit biased, but the honest truth is, not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can be very comfortable. The style we'll be discussing are racing gaming chairs.


        You can't deny that a bucket racing seat is a beautiful thing. Personally, I was a teenager when The Fast and the Furious came out in theaters. I had a modified import car with racing seats installed. I loved the look, the feel, the everything about them.
Gaming Chair
        If you are serious about making your gaming setup look legit and complete, then having a gaming chair is a must. Have you noticed that all popular gaming streamers, Youtubers, and Influencers have a gaming chair?


         I have had two gaming chairs myself, and my wife has had two as well. Each chair has served it's purpose and then some. I'm talking about years of durability. This obviously depends on the type of chair you get, the material, etc... Typically most gaming chairs are made of fabric, leather, or vinyl. Personally my favorite is leather.


           When you first look at these types of chairs, you wouldn't think they would be very comfortable, however it's just the opposite! Obviously, you get what you pay for, but for the most part, chairs these days are made by only a few manufacturers, and then they are private labeled for different companies. Have you noticed that a lot of chairs look the same? That is why. The more expensive chair you get, usually the higher amount of weight it can hold, and thus the more comfortable it will be.


          One of the biggest pros of gaming chairs is that they can help your posture  while sitting for long gaming sessions. They’re specifically designed with that in mind, the built-in lumbar support helps you to avoid ending up with a sore back, the headrest keeps your spine in alignment, and the armrests prevent you from leaning too far forward.


         For top brand gaming chairs like the DX-Racer™ you will be paying $300+. Some of them even go up to over $600.00! Like was mentioned before, you can get different brands for cheaper. Spending $200 for a chair is very reasonable. Personally, the chair that I myself, and my wife use is the Furgle Racing Gaming Chair™- I've had it for over a year now, and use it for 8 hours or more a day. I love it.

Final Thoughts

           Are gaming chairs worth it? Yes - 100%.


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